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The history of Filico Jewelery Water is the history of collaboration with various brands. Since its establishment in 2005, we received so many enthusiastic offers from domestic companies to global luxury brands and have produced countless gorgeous memories as a gift to important customers and event decoration.

FILLICO 25-1Cロゴ入り.jpg

"Open the door to Fillico,Then the thrilling moment will always be with you."


Fillico Jewelry Water is born in a shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Catered to by Hollywood celebrities. Advertising campaign initiated in fashion magazine 25ans.


The original Crown Cap is developed and made to fit all Fillico Jewelry Water bottles. On July 7, Fillico Japan starts selling Jewelry Water in Japan. This day becomes Fillico’s birthday. For Christmas, Osaka Navio Hankyu (Currently Hankyu Mens Osaka), becomes the first department store to display Fillico Jewelry Water, in a tower depicting a Christmas tree. Christian Dior introduces Fillico Jewelry Water in a special newsletter for it’s VIP customers.


Fillico opens its first department store shop in Takashimaya Osaka. Shops in Mitsukoshi, Isetan, Matsuya, Daimaru and others soon follow. Fillico Japan co-sponsors fashion event “Kobe Collection Plus,” leading to collaborations with fashion brands, international hotels, and other leading companies. The first edition of the Swarovski® Birthstone Collection Crystal Series is released. Each year, a new birthstone series bottle has been released and has been a Fillico fixture until 2018.


Co-sponsor of the 61st Cannes Film Festival. Fillico commercials are shown on 6 festival screens. 3000 guests are gifted commemorative bottles of Fillico Jewelry Water. Many New, Limited Edition, and Commemorative Series released, including the first collaboration with the famous bridal fashion brand Yumi Katsura. - “2008 Fillico x Yumi Katsura with Yumi Katsura Crystal Wedding Team”


Collaboration with world famous character Hello Kitty and Sanrio is released - “ 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty Limited Edition Bottle”


Fillico Liqueurs launched, with Rosso (red) and Bianco (white).
Presentation of Fillico Collection in Paris. Overseas sales initiated.
Started sales through Paris boutique Colette (since closed), La Rinascente Milan, and was adopted for Royal weddings in the Middle East.


Collaborations with movies "Feu par Christian Louboutin”, "Grace of Monaco", "La Belle et la Bête", "SAINT LAURENT"

Release of exotic leather line "Fillico éctâche URBANO LINE"


Series of Release of new limited bottles "La bella vita", "Royal Hello Kitty", "Fillico Vino Love Rosso"


Inspired by the movie and the show “Feu” by Christian Louboutin,” the Special Edition bottle, “Fillico Night Show” is released. Start of a new line of the finest food ingredients from Italy, “Fillico Italiana.”


Participated in Dubai Japan Festival 2014 with Yumi Katsura at the Metropolitan Palace Hotel Dubai.


Release of new interior line "Fillico Casa."



Exhibited at Taipei International Fine Wine Expo 2016 and Maison&Objet Singapore 2016. Initiated marketing and sales in China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.


Fillico Ginza Flagship shop opened in May, 2 minutes from the world famous Ginza 4-Chome intersection. Release of Fillico Queen, in collaboration with the global rock band, Queen.


Release of zero sugar chocolate "Fillico Chocolate."


Release of the top luxury line "BABEL." 


Release of new art collection "Fillico Haute Couture." 

14本セット (1).jpg


Released Filico Jewelry Water “Second Generation” with a renewed design. The result of 16 years of research in the pursuit of the brilliance of crystals is the culmination of an explosive brilliance (gigantic spark) that deprives the viewer of their sight.


Released "Legend of Versailles". The beauty of the flowers floating in the bottle has received a wide range of responses as an unprecedented art experience that is different from a herbarium.


Released the 1st ever Champagne bottle "FILLICO CHAMPAGNE." Designed to be beautifully displayed even after opening. It marked a new step in the long history of Champagne.




YUMI KATSURA / mastermind JAPAN / DRESSCAMP / Aston Martin / LEXUS / Sanrio / QUEEN / The Ritz Cartlon Tokyo & Osaka / Mandarin Oriental Tokyo / Disney Ambassador / Tokyo Disney Sea Hotel MiraCosta / Westin Hotel Tokyo / Ramada Hotel Osaka / Swiss Hotel Nankai-Osaka / Hotel Okura Tokyo / Shiseido / American Express Japan ...etc.

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